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Thread: TiLite Wheelchairs

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    I'm waiting on the final CAD drawing, which I should have tomorrow and then will place my order for a new tr3. Will y'all be able to build/ship and deliver the chair to the southeast before the end of the year? I know on your website it says it takes 10 days to build a chair, but I wasn't sure how the process is affected by the holidays. If I can get the chair by December 31, my insurance will cover 100%, which would be a huge help obviously. And I know you can't guarantee it, but is there a good chance at least? Thanks

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    What does 10-32 rivnut insertion tool look like? Any images of it?
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    c6/7 incomplete 6/30/07

    whats that smell? its me, cause im the shit.

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    I have been trying to get an order placed with Tilite for about six months now through my local Northern Seating & Mobility rep. It has yet to even get to the insurance company. I know that both the NSM guy and the local Tilite rep are screwing up royally. They have changed dimensions on the order, and then when I asked why, neither could give me an answer. Neither one seems interested in processing the paperwork for the order in a timely fashion. It takes them weeks just to send an email. It's like they don't want to make money.

    I was considering moving my order from NSM to another Tilite dealer, but am concerned that I would still have to work with the same incompetent local Tilite rep to get anything done. Is this correct? Or can the local DME guy bypass the local Tilite rep and deal straight with the factory?

    Are there any online Tilite dealers who will process insurance? It seems insane to me to pay list price to these local DME clowns who are adding nothing of value, and are only delaying the order.

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    I've been trying to get a new chair since Feb. of last year. I finally got the CAD to review back around thanksgiving, and nothing was correct and some of the options were no longer available they took so long. got another CAD around Xmas, the chair dimensions were right, but color, wheelchair back type, and I was suppose to get ADI back and didn't show that? Finally last week He asked what was wrong? My co-pay also went up the first of the year, but I has paid back a long time ago when insurance finally approved the chair back in october.

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    Hi! I'd like to hear feedback from ZRA chair users.

    According to Tilite's chair description, one of the options for ZRA is "Optional (Depth Adjustable Back/Frame)" . What does it mean?
    Does it mean that the location of backrest can be adjustable back and forth?

    I am ordering a ZRA with cloth back to keep its weight light. However, if I want to install a back rest (like ADI) later, I believe that seat depth will be shorten about an inch due to the new back rest .
    If that happens, can I adjust back depth in ZRA so that my seat depth will stay as the same?

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    Would you please update the "Dealer Location" section of your website.

    I need to find a place for parts and repair in Houston.

    With the exception of NuMotion and NSM, all the other places listed are either out of business, no longer handling TiLite products or just do online sales for low end wheelchairs.

    Do you have anyone else servicing your products in Houston besides the 'big-two"?

    Quote Originally Posted by TiLite View Post
    Sorry to hear you are having problems locating a TiLite dealer. Can you PM us? We'd like to find out what dealers you contacted and lets see how we can get you in touch with someone in your area. Thanks for your help and patience.
    PM'd as requested.

    Six and a half months later. Still no updates on the TiLite "Dealer Locations" page.
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    OH Tilite, how sad. You've gone the way the other great chair manufacturers did with their customer service... down. After 4 Titltes, the one I have now will be my last. I'll be darned if I spend good money for service that you render. It's all about greed for you now rather than customer service.

    I'm really sorry to hear you're still having challenges with this 2dr. Customer service HA! Most DME's don't have a clue on repairs or setting up a chair properly and then Tilite voids the warranty because of a minor add on like a ball hitch for driving from the chair.

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    Wow.. And here I'm trying to get a Aero T....
    Hope all goes well. Lol

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    Six months later and still no update on their website regarding

    The CareCure TiLite Rep last posted on 10/26/15. Hope he is still employed.

    I found help from the local NSCIA chapter who put me in touch with a guy who knew a guy who had special skills and a tool kit. I bought TiLite parts with the help of Tyler at DME hub dot net who used to work for TiLite. Zero help from TiLite itself after buying two chairs out of pocket.

    So that would be my advice - call your local NSCIA chapter and ask if they can recommend an Assistive Technology Professional in the area

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    Well if TiLite won't be any help I guess the warranty is of no use ? And if that's the case I'll just do all the work myself and mod it as needed. Lol

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