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Thread: TiLite Wheelchairs

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiLite View Post
    I'm attaching two pictures for you of a fixed back TR with carbon fiber side guards. Hope this helps. (I'm having problems attaching the photos, if you don't get them, let me know and I'll try again.)
    I don't see any attachments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    Do you have a picture of a TR (or ZR) with a fixed back and fixed side guards? Preferably so I can see how the fixed sideguards are attached to the seat posts. I looked on the site and at the TR brochure and didn't see any pictures of that configuration.
    My sideguards are custom aftermarket. I had TiLite drill the location holes.
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    Yeah, I looked at yours. I know they are custom, but I don't like how there is a space between the frame and guard where the cushion can get wet and also how they stick out behind the posts. Was there reasoning behind those two decisions or were you just being stylish (which I am not apparently)

    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    My sideguards are custom aftermarket. I had TiLite drill the location holes.

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    Yes, the gap between the bottom of the sideguard and the frame was deliberate and yes, it was an aesthetic choice -- I like the look of the exposed polished frame. The fin-like shape of these sideguards was borrowed from a design that (now) TiLite designer Doug Garven had used in previous chairs for other manufacturers.

    Interesting, the gap notwithstanding, I've never observed the side of the cushion getting wet in either the rain or in the snow.

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    I have the welded back and fixed guards as well T8. love this setup. a lot more solid. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allenstevens View Post
    As far as I am concerned Ti lite is GARBAGE as my experience so far. I have a Ti aero x that has had the bottom bracket that holds the folding chair together brake twice, the arms just swing freely, the bearings blew out , the frog legs are so bad that I have to wheelie around 80 percent of the time cause they turn the wheels straight & lock em up so I cant move!!!! The only thing holding the chair together is the rigid back. As far as ti lite I would say my frame is good cause it hasnt cracked, other than that not sure what to say. Oh & I cant take the wheels off to get at the brakes to adjust em either. Trying to deal with anyone has been a complete joke cause I have medicaid & medicare so no one seems to give two shits that I have to deal with a falling apart chair. My chair is 2 1/2 years old

    Interesting Tilite hasn't responded to this Allen but are sure quick to respond to those thinking about ordering. I'm ordering another Tilite, not particualrly because I want to but because there's no other that are any better that my workers comp will pay for.

    When they first started they were awesome, great customer service and we could call and get decent advice. Now all they say is "Call your dme guy". Marty Ball what happened to such a great company. I guess you just got too big like many of the others.

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    When I get my new ZRA is the footrest adjustable?

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    Yes. You will have some adjustability. On the rigid chairs the average is 2" upward and 1" downward depending on your configuration.
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    my zr footplate is junk on my tilite it keeps coming loose sliding down on one side and I cant get it slid back up so one side of the footplate is a half inch lower than the other

    my dme is of no helpafter the sale
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    backrest images

    Ok. I'm gonna try sending these images again. Sorry for the delay.

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