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Thread: TiLite Wheelchairs

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    i have a tilite tr came with the glide frog legs lately they seem to be groaning squeaking they are about 6yeas old any idea what i need to do

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    Here we go again, look like I need another axle on my ZR2 - had one replaced in 2011 along with a few other members here. Now if only TiLite would reply to my email
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    Quote Originally Posted by heartdog View Post
    It sucks, too, that now the casters are freezing up again. If you go out on a rainy day, you're screwed. How do people in the Pacific Northwest, where the chair is made, do it?? I swear the bearings get a tad wet, and a couple dog hairs or dirt gets in there, and it stays sticky for weeks. If I lube it, they get worse, cuz it attracts debris. Isn't there some way to make a chair so this isn't a problem?? What should I do, replace bearings ever few months? After ever rain? Or give my dog a bath?
    Not sure that's a Tilite problem, it's a universal caster bearing problem!

    I replace my bearings minimum twice a year, sometimes twice in the Winter. We have tons of snow here and there's no magical fix unfortunately. My trick is not to leave the chair sitting to seize up when wet. I've woken up many times to seized/rusted bearings leaking orange goo, because I'd been rolling around in snow the night before then went to bed and it seized overnight. A temporary fix though? CLP or bike lube and spin em' around by til they roll smoother. Lubing them up will attract more dirt but if they're seized and you can't use the chair, gives you a few days to go find new bearings.

    I also switched to Rush skateboard bearings, they're a titanium-ceramic hybrid and I swear it makes a big difference (get the higher ABEC ratings, they spin better, don't get just any cheap skate bearings you'll be feeling like you're trying to push 200 lbs - learnt that the hard way). They come in packs of 8 so you're good for 2 changes and they're 15$ or so on Amazon or eBay: I always make sure I have spares. Supposedly all ceramic bearings are even better for wet conditions BUT they tend to crack easy in cold goes to -40oC here so I compromised with a hybrid.

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