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Thread: Progress update

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    Progress update

    Since the last time I joined, I have made progress. This now down to toes and flexing feet. Fluid mostly removed. Significant progress in all thigh muscular and coordination. Have butt working, but still weak some and need better muscular coordination. This took tons of work. Probably many I do not even know ere happening. Not going to write a book here, but if want any detail, let me know.

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    Congrats on your progress! 17 months post here, I stand in frame 2 hours, stim and ride my motorized bike daily. Legs look normal and I have some feeling, any tricks to get movement going? My trunk took forever maybe 75% with improvement needed.

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    This has been a LONG time. Taken a lot of work - physical and some how keep mental along for the ride. My ab has been reconstructed. Had colostomy that only ever leaked. Thank god for the leak. That was actually undone. Been told I never get my ankles moving. 1 day this year I got the ankles working. Am amazed what they provide. Can walk with walker around inside house on flat. Other day started putting sweatshirt on while standing. Continue to keep attempting expanding range-in-motion and all that comes along with.

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