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Thread: Where to move?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbdives View Post
    I luv my central Florida home

    Coco beach is considered central fla? In terms of N & S , not E & W, I assume ?

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    Cali but the cost of living is high. its flat and very accessible tho, most accessible thus far. its a new state. arizona is another. florida sounds alright, but its humid. nevada is also a new state. basically you want a desert state. cal/nevada/new mexico/az/utah. flat, new, clean and hot. perfect conditions for sci.

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    Where I live, the PA, I do not let SCI be a factor. It definitely has changed things, if I did not have it, but for mot or all I just figure out how to do what I want to do. In many, it takes far more time than not injured, but most of time this is not thought of. My driveway is so steep I must go up backwards or I will roll down the hill. I do not let that bother me. I look at it as, "I can do it. So what if it takes me more time, I still can do it."

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