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Thread: Lasher Sport Grand Opening in Las Vegas

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    Lasher Sport Grand Opening in Las Vegas


    Lasher Sport is pleased to announce our grand opening at our new location in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you plan to attend, please RSVP with the dates you plan to visit to receive a complimentary Grand Opening gift pack courtesy of Lasher Sport. There will be a limited number of gift packs available.

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    Very cool. Maybe move to this to the Manufacturer and Vendor forum, though? Kinda spammy anywhere else, with all due respect.

    I'm in my 2nd BT-Mg and I can't say enough good things about how solid these chairs are. My first is a 2008 model and still as solid as day 1. The coating/finish is paper thin, frankly, and got wasted in a few months, (so much for the $ on the "upgraded" finish!), but mechanically not so much as a rattle or loose part. Simply superb.

    Is is this a second location, or a move for the entire operation?
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    I believe it is a move all together. Not a second location.

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    Permanent move as of 2014. They said Anchorage was too far away for folks to visit. Makes good sense to me, plus the weather's a whole lot better in Vegas.

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    Was sent home with a TiLite AeroZ out of the hospital. Thing was measured so wrong, I was wheeling around a boat all day. 1 year post injury I ordered a Lasher Sport through a vendor who had never heard of them before, let alone sold one. Now 2 years post, 1 year with my Lasher, and love it. Sleek, super light getting in and out of my truck all day, and have no problem getting a reply from the owner via email if I have a question about anything.

    Not a rep or anything, just found this post and thought about sharing my experience. Highly recommend Lasher chairs.

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