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Thread: CBD, yes it works!

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    CBD, yes it works!

    My wife got out of the hospital 9 days after a same-day operation (second time) on the back of her neck to remove a damaged nerve. In place was placed a titanium 'neck bone'. This second time operation they cut through the front of her neck. She was again given the same powerful pain killer pills as her first operation a year ago and they did not work. We tried hydrocodone as well to no avail (it damaged her liver). Anyway, I asked her if she would like to try a defined cannibidiol (cbd) salve I bought a few days before her second operation, just in case. And because the pain was to intense (it was to much for me watching her) while we lay in bed, she took 1/2 tsp down with cereal and milk. She fell asleep and woke up totally without any pain in her neck, chest and shoulder. Once a day she takes the salve for the past 2 days since posting this, and now she doesn't need the pills or the salve, today. She is back at work. I can't explain this salve thing but we now use it for many things,. ie, diabetes, arthritis, etc.. and it works. Amen.

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta document
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    Isn't a salve something you apply topically? Or are you talking about the refined THC oil in capsules?
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    That's great news! Can you get any more specific information about what she's using? How much is she using?

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    I just ate 1/2 green cookie from a friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbdives View Post
    I just ate 1/2 green cookie from a friend
    How effective is it for your pain?

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    I've been thinking about this thread and did a little more digging today. This article isn't specific to only CBD, but it includes it as one of the compounds mentioned in this study.

    The present review suggests that cannabinoids show promise for treatment of neuropathic pain in humans either alone or as an add-on to other therapeutic agents. Further evaluation of safety profiles associated with long term effects of cannabinoids are, therefore, warranted.

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    I would like to try this but I live in PA where the governor rides a conservative line of "drugs are bad, umkay"

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