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Thread: protein shakes okay for sci?

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    protein shakes okay for sci?

    A friend (able bodied) has started using whey (not sure) protein by body fortress and thinks it would benefit my workouts. Does anyone know if there are negative effects or if drinking a protein shake regularly would benefit my workouts?

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    How good is your renal function?? This should be assessed annually as part of your annual check-up, usually by doing a blood test for BUN and creatinine levels, and ideally combining this with a blood/urine test (24 hour urine collection) for creatinine clearance. Excessive protein intake can stress your kidneys so if they have any impairment already, a high protein diet is containdicated.


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    I also read somewhere (believe it was Consumer Reports) that many high protein shakes are high in heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

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    I don't go to the dr unless i have a problem. Based on your reccomendations I decided not to risk getting any issues by using the protein powder. I think I will just learn to eat the right thing before and after my workouts. Thanks for the warnings

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    Protein shakes can be good if you are active and can have negative consequences for those who are not active.

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    Well I returned it to the store now I think I will try to start having a small snack before and after workouts, I read that cottage cheese and eggs are good. I've been seeing protein bars in the store, I wonder if they would be of any benefit.

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