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Thread: Music fest in Shenandoah Valley, in July

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    Music fest in Shenandoah Valley, in July

    Anyone interested? It's called the Redwing Roots festival. Sponsored by a band called The Steel Wheels. Can't really say but tonight TSW had an online concert, b/cuz they got weathered out of their real one. The only ppl in that chatroom were uberfans, like me. I asked if the fest was do-able via w/chair, and was told yes, barring weather. I want to go. You guys know I nearly always do stuff, once I get that bit between my teeth. Anybody interested?

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    I've heard of it but have never been. It's about an hour from me, but there are tons of music festival around. A new one opened last year and was a huge success, about 30 minutes south of me.

    Red Wing sounds like fun. It's 20 miles from Scott Pruett so he may know more about it than I do.
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    Nice! The Steel Wheels are a local favorite.

    I haven't been to the site of the Red Wing Roots festival in years (i.e., been there pre-SCI), but would be happy to check it out. It's at a regional park, and I'd imagine it's plenty do-able w/ a chair. PM or email w/ any specific questions & I'll help as I can. FYI, I'm about a month out of a major back surgery, so I can't promise much right away.

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    The spousal unit hates outside music festivals but I will be dragging him to SummerFest in Milwaukee this year. He might send me rolling into the lake if I tried two in one summer. But if you go I want details for other years.

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    It gets hot in the valley in July. Quads beware!
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    I saw the Steel Wheels in an outdoor concert here in PA. Good group, very entertaining!


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    We have outdoor festivals here every year, I've never been to any, but hear they are a blast. Here it's country music and the big one is in Townsend every year. I have no idea when this year or if it is chair friendly, but would like to go sometime. It goes on for the whole weekend. I think you can go for one night or buy a ticket for three nights.

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    west Virginia Shenandoah, valley or Pennsylvania Shenandoah valley?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    west Virginia Shenandoah, valley or Pennsylvania Shenandoah valley?
    It's in Virginia, between Harrisonburg and Staunton.

    If driving, work your way a few miles up Skyline Drive to Luray and visit Luray Caverns. It's a accessible and a spectacle to behold. But rest up your tris or bring a power chair, because there are some steep sections on the floor of the cavern.

    Don't forget that TJ's pad Monticello is an hour east. Another great place to take in. Colonial Williamsburg is 90 minutes from there. Oh, and we have an amazingly accessible boardwalk and beach access in VA Beach.

    DC and the Smithsonian is also pretty close (the relatively new Air & Space museum is fantastic)

    If you just want to take in mountain music, I-81 is your friend. I recommend you visit

    I promise I don't work for the board of tourism, I've just lived in the Old Dominion my whole life!

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    That's in Virginia, the one for lovers.
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