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Thread: Music fest in Shenandoah Valley, in July

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    Quote Originally Posted by quadfather View Post
    It's in Virginia, between Harrisonburg and Staunton.

    If driving, work your way a few miles up Skyline Drive to Luray and visit Luray Caverns. It's a accessible and a spectacle to behold. But rest up your tris or bring a power chair, because there are some steep sections on the floor of the cavern.

    Don't forget that TJ's pad Monticello is an hour east. Another great place to take in. Colonial Williamsburg is 90 minutes from there. Oh, and we have an amazingly accessible boardwalk and beach access in VA Beach.

    DC and the Smithsonian is also pretty close (the relatively new Air & Space museum is fantastic)

    If you just want to take in mountain music, I-81 is your friend. I recommend you visit

    I promise I don't work for the board of tourism, I've just lived in the Old Dominion my whole life!
    Jinx! LOL! Been an Old Dominionite my whole life, too. (My family arrived in Isle of Wight country circa 1630 and we never left! Well, some did. My line stuck around, though! Couldn't imagine living anywhere else.)
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    we'll be driving to pa sometime this summer. iv seen signs for the caverns.

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    Betheny, I might be interested in that trip. Sounds like fun. Good idea. I normally go to CMA in Nashville but it conflicts with a Sailboat race and a Tennis tournament I have in early June plus I've done CMA so many times I'm ready for some different things.
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    If I were going I would stop off and visit the Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center near Staunton. Spent 18 months doing survival training there.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    If I were going I would stop off and visit the Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center near Staunton. Spent 18 months doing survival training there.
    I'm a WWRC alum as well (Class of '86-'87 lol). It's not like it was then. Too many hospitals doing all rehab "in-house" these days

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    I'll vouch for Virginia Beach as a side trip. Very accessible and kid friendly. The summer street entertainment runs the gamut and you never have to get out the car once there. The Smithsonians in DC are great but we lost a lot of HP parking after 9/11 so be prepared to use the Metro. Everyone should check out Williamsburg at some time. It is great at most times of the year.
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    Wow, what great info! Thanks, guys! Curt, let's do it. This band is beyond good. They're good people too. The singer is from where I lived in high school-good Mennonite boys, Saw 'em twice last yr, not done yet! (Doesn't hurt the singer looks like's does hurt, actually, but it's ok.)

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    I'm so tempted to pull the trigger on an RV, I could start now and be a snowbird by fest time!

    Should NOT have sold Steve's...

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    If you're curious about The Steel Wheels, click the link and hit Play. Never met anyone that didn't love 'em...but if you don't, you're a BAD AMERICAN! LOL

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    it's so cool when peeps here get to meet up out in the world.

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