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Thread: Shower commode chair paid by insurance?

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    Shower commode chair paid by insurance?

    Is anybody getting theirs paid for by insurance? If so, how? So far nothing but brick walls on getting mine to pay. Bob

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    Shower chairs (and anything else used inside your bathroom) are considered "personal care" items and are not "medically neessary" as defined by Medicare. (I'd like to see them not chit or chower for a week and see if they hold to that!) That's not to say that they won't pay if you have the perseverence to appeal and reappeal and call the local media, etc.

    Medicaid in about half the states will cover some, if not all, of the cost for commode/shower chairs.

    Good luck!

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    Many private insurances go by Medicare guidelines in what they will pay for in this area. Workers Comp and the VA cover them, but most other insurances "don't go through the bathroom door" as we say where I work.


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    I have a friend who appealed his company insurance for over a year and got nothing (they called it "custodial"). I never had a problem getting my company insurance to buy mine, for 25 years. But hearing about his problem, I just bought my own. Then I got a colostomy, so my insurance is now buying me the equivalent of 3 new shower commode chairs every year in ostomy supplies (not to mention the surgery cost)... I can usually find a way around the brick walls.

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    (not saying I agree with insurance/medicare positions)

    It's not worth fitting for. If you go to a DME with a showroom or you can pick one up at a good cash price... and be done with it.

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    Besides everything that was said above, my first shower chair was made out of PVC tubing and a toilet seat. It was pretty lame. I bit the bullet and spent a few hundred dollars to get a nice one. Good luck
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    Thanks for the replies everyone!

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