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    Internal Catheter

    Hi everyone,

    I am a C4 quad/post 25 years. For the past 24, I was able to void on my own using an external catheter (condom catheter). Lately my left side (both front and back) has been hurting so I went to the urologist and they took a CTIBP. My doctor informed me that it looks like my left kidney is swollen and the tube between kidney and bladder seems to be distended slightly. He suggests that I go on an internal catheter for a while to give my bladder "a rest". While I hate the idea of getting an internal catheter, I do understand that this might ease the bladder function and help with any potential relief of the kidney and tube issue.

    Since it's been so long since I've had an internal catheter, does anybody have advice on care and maintenance Such a thing? Also, any of you have any recommendations or suggestions on potential alternatives to a constant internal catheter?

    In addition, while I have your attention, do you think acupuncture and/or massage can help?

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    What is a CTIBP? Have you had urodynamics studies?

    I think you have come to the end of your days using an external condom catheter to manage your bladder. If you were injured today, there is about a 99% chance that the rehab center would never start you on reflex or spontaneous urination. You can get away with this method of management for a while (and you've had a long run), but once you get the kind of damage the urologist has identified, you have had bladder pressure that is just too high to continue with a condom catheter.

    I think your doctor is talking about having you use an indwelling urethral catheter for now. Long term, you probably want to consider a suprapubic catheter. There is a little less risk for frequent and recurrent urinary tract infections with the suprapubic, and the indwelling urethral catheter has a potential risk for meatus and urethral inflammation and erosion.

    Drink lots of water, practice impeccable personal hygiene twice a day and after bowel programs, clean leg bag and night drain bottle daily.

    All the best,

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    YEAh a urethral indwelling is a bad choice compared to the ease of a suprapubic indwelling.. you can drink all you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormycoon View Post
    YEAh a urethral indwelling is a bad choice compared to the ease of a suprapubic indwelling.. you can drink all you want.
    A urethral indwelling catheter doesn't preclude you from drinking a lot of water. You need to drink a lot of water with either an indwelling urethral or a suprapubic catheter. A urethral indwelling catheter is a foley catheter that stays in place for 2-4 weeks. The catheter is attached to a leg collection bag just like a suprapubic catheter is.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the info. I haven't had any urodynamics. He is suggesting I get this taken care of soon as well.

    I have no idea what the CTIBP acronym means, but it consists of taking x-rays of the bladder before a CAT scan (of the bladder) and then taking x-rays after the CAT scan is completed.

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    I am not sure what the acronym stands for. Unfortunately, we all use them, but not everyone uses them consistently.

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