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    High Blood Pressure

    I am 36 years post sci. I'm a quad. My blood pressure has been normally 120/80. The last 9 months or so it has varied from normal to 212/110. It's not from AD, I know when I'm having AD, usually when my SP catheter is blocked. I've had all kind of tests done without any reason why my bp is high. I've had renal ultrasound, cistoscopy, colonoscopy, endoscopy, cardio stress test and a radioactive bone test.

    My doctor has me on 40mg Lisinpril in the morning and 10mg Amlodpine 12 hours later. The Lisinopril lowers my bp an hour after taken but only for several hours then it starts creeping back up. By the time I go to bed at 9:30-10:00 its any where from 150/90 to 180/100+.

    My heart has thickened and is enlarged probably caused by the high bp the doctor says. The cardio doctor doesn't feel there is a blockage.

    I have had an SP for 15 years, my bowel program is fine without any problems. I quit smoking 12 years ago, don't drink alcohol much. I work out 3 times a week with a trainer. I sit up usually 15 hours, my skin has no break downs. Doctor thought it might be from a uti, but uti's have come and gone. Still high bp persists. I will admit that I'm about 40lbs over weight, but have been for years.

    Anyone have any ideas or have this problem? Any insight or help would be appreciated. I retired last year and want to enjoy it.



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    I have no idea. My first thought was appendix, gallblader, thrombosis, but they would be an emergency way before 9 months. Hopefully someone else will pitch in. I wish you well.
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    It is not unusual for people with a spinal cord injury to have cardiac issues. The literature shows it may even happen earlier than in people without a spinal cord injury. Your high bp may be a result of being sedentary, through no fault of your own. It may take some adjustment of the medications or even a different combination of medications to get it under control.
    in the meantime, watch your salt intake, increase your water intake and try to become even a little more active.

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