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Thread: New catheter provider needed

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    UTI Medical has been good for me.

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    Good urological supplier

    Hi, I recently came across the website, They sell catheter covers, leg bag covers and tube covers. I ordered two tube covers and am very pleased!! I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but if it isn't can you move it to the appropriate place?

    Thank you,

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    At Stephen's suggestion to several different people through the years I also started using UTI medical several years ago and was (I will be using them again soon after a LONG stint in the hospital) VERY happy with them. I never had a problem with a shipment and they were great at sending several samples to see what I liked best (with what my insurance would cover b/c I didn't have a UTI history so I couldn't get the kits at the time) before sending out a full supply of my preference. Definitely call Phil, I think you will be happy in the long run!
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    I use EdgePark Medical Supplies for my urological supplies.

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    Well CCS Medical did it again. It's the 4th of the month and my April shipment has not yet arrived. I called them yesterday to ask about it, and the guy asked "How many catheter kits do you have? Are you running low?". What the hell?? So it turns out they had not shipped my April supplies yet. And then they tell me that my insurance requires me to call each month to give them a "voice auth" to ship my supplies. So I called Humana and they had no idea what CCS Medical was talking about -- the pre-authorization of my necessary supplies is good for a year and as long as that's up-to-date, CCS medical can automatically ship my order without any input from me. I don't have time do deal with it today, but I will be changing suppliers. This is ridiculous.

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    We used ABC Medical...never had an issue with them. We had to switch last year because of my insurance in-state/out-of-state rules that changed...but I really was impressed with them. We always got my husband's and my supplies on time without question or a phone call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nayr View Post
    . So I called Humana and they had no idea what CCS Medical was talking about .
    Yup, they're good for that. I got several obnoxious calls from them asking about how many times I took a leak a day. I mean seriously, what's it their business? After I think the 3rd call in a month of playing nice but NYB...I asked the phone drone how many times she blew her husband a week, and why she thinks calling me about my bathroom habits are an acceptable topic.

    I went up the food chain at CCS to find out wtf...a manager type said that some BCBS policies require they ask that, to which I stated that BCBS had no idea why they were asking that when I talked to them about it, as they have no record of ever requesting such 'information'. She then said they just unilaterally do the calls to simplify things for CCS.

    That put another nail in CCS's coffin. Go to UTI Medical!

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    Is a local supplier out of the question? I went with a local company and in most cases supplies are delivered to my door the day after the order. Cost to my insurance is half of what I was paying to a place out of Arizona.

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    I have used CCS Medical, and when insurance changed, I went Uromed. I love Uromed. Superb, reliable service. Very helpful, friendly staff. Fellow who owns Uromed is a wheelchair user with a SCI.

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    I have a friend, and fellow chair user, that started his own company because he was fed up with suppliers and the system. I switched to him a couple years ago for my catheters and it has worked out well for me. His company is Spartan Medical Supply, He, and his business, is located in Michigan, so not far from you.
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