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Thread: Quickie 2 wheelchair

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    Will medicare cover Spinergy Wheels?

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    From what I've just heard no and you will have a hard time getting a light weight chair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlmtrhmiles View Post
    I sat on Quickie 2 for 10+ years. The thing works fine. Yes moving parts wear. Moving parts on any chair will wear. I will say brakes did loosen rather quick. If you just tighten them, that will only make them wear even faster until you need to replace them. Putting nylon thread tape on the screws will solve this issue. You need be careful with whoever your supplier may be. Many times they only work with 1 manufacturer. Even though Medicare will pay for both Quickie and Tilite your supplier will keep telling you "Medicare" did not approve what you are trying to order. The bottom line was the supplier lying. They either make more $ on the other brand or did not carry it. Tell them you will pay out of pocket, they will get you anything in a heartbeat. I am not aware of Medicare paying for a K0009 titanium chair. Medicare does pay for the K0005 chair. WORK with your supplier. They are trying to make money.M
    Just wanted to clarify. TiLite has several K0005 chairs. The Aero Z (rigid - mono tube), Aero T (Rigid - dual tube); Aero R (rigid w/ swing aways); and the Aero X (folding - w/ or w/o swing aways) Check out this link to our web site to find a Dealer who works with TiLite. They can help you get a TiLite even if you are on Medicare or Medicaid. Don't give up. You are worth it.
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    Haha thank you for that I appreciate it

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    What about the e fix power assist

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    You really need to provide more information with your questions so people can help you properly. The more detail you can put into a question the better. Like already mentioned, too much information is better than too little here.
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    I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.

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    Ok so I went for the wheelchair i just now have to wait for medicare to approve it how long until I should get it?

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    So what did you decide on Lumsta?
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    I had a Quickie 2, it was the first adjustable chair I had, and I learned a lot during the time I used it. The big things I learned were seat dump and center of gravity adjustment. Over time by changing the adjustments I wound up with a chair I had great setting balance in and could push easier than any manual chair I had up to that point. My first chair was one of the old 65 pound steel tanks. Today I would not get another one because of the weight of the chair. And I have learned I really prefer a rigid framed chair. My old Quickie performed a valuable service for me and was really dependable but there are better options out there now for me.

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    I ended up getting the ki mobility rogue wheelchair with power assist the alber e fix just waiting for the chair I guess I'm gonna be waiting a couple months

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