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    dear friends , does any one knows where to get a side stix crutches?

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    Have you contacted the company? They should be able to refer you to a dealer:

    You might check with this company to see if they can get them for you:


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    ZQ - The SideStix crutches are not on the market yet. They are planning to launch sales in February. You should introduce yourself to Sarah and Kerith (owners and developers of SideStix) by email that is found on their website. Sarah Doherty who designed them is an OT in Canada who is a crutch user since age 13 after she was hit by a drunk driver and she had a hemipelvectomy and totally lost her leg. She is amazing - she crutch climbed Denali (Mt. McKinley) with one leg. That is legitimate.

    I am testing the crutch system for them and offering ideas and feedback.
    My crutches for years have been titanium custom Fettermans. They make an incredible tip called Tornado Tips with gel inside them. But the SideStixs have a true shock absorber tuned to your body weight and now that I have used them for 3 weeks, it is hard to go back to the Fettermans. But the Fettermans are tough. My wife drove our car over them and they didn't break !

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    hi guys
    i did email the company but no email back yet, also i was thinking that it might take years something good at all arrive to the uk. arndog did you tried them while it was raining?

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    Living in the Nevada desert, we don't get much rain which may be the understatement of the year. So no, I have not tried them in rain , but I have gotten them wet from crutch hiking while it is snowing and no problems. Sarah has taken them into the ocean to swim so she told me.

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    i am going to get a pair

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    Hi zq783.
    I was justwondering if you ended up ordering a pair of SideStix. Our website is now set-up to take orders, and wanted to let you know if you had any questions feel free to ask!

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    We purchased a set of sidestix for our son. They are wonderful!! He is a college student, athletic and very active. Living off campus and in Duluth Mn he needed some accessories also for snow and sand. Can not say enough how great these stixs are. The only down fall is that you do need to get them from Canada and our private insurance paid some however, do not expect medicaid to pick up anything on these. The sidestix are not inexpensive however, well worth the cost for our son.
    If you can check them out and the company is great at helping get you the information you need for possible insurance coverage.

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