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The breaks suck, mine were at first hard to use they told me they couldn't fix them so they got brake extensions for them but they never worked right to begin with. Not to mention the screws were always loosening up on the whole chair. Went back to the dme who said it was a quickie issue that there was nothing they could do. The quality of their chair just sucks!
I'm gong to drag this out a little more. Which brakes? And which screws? I'm asking so much because my girl is looking for a new chair. I just read a Tilite thread a few weeks ago the said bad stuff about their chair. So I'm a bit confused.
I'm not defending the 2 but I've had one 30 years. Welded the cross braces is few times and replaced some upholstery, but all and all its been fine. I'd like to know the year of the ones folks are complaining about.