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Thread: Survey for my thesis project on persons with disabilities and their use of computers

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    Survey for my thesis project on persons with disabilities and their use of computers

    Hey all. I am working on my thesis where I want to investigate disabilities that interfere with your daily use of computer and other electronic devices and order in handle that interference,do you use a custom or specialized controller/s (Eye/head tracking, voice recognition or some other kind of modified mouse/keyboard/controller setup )?

    Link to the Survey:

    The survey should take around 10 min to do.

    I am really grateful if any of you take the time to do this survey.

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    We require that you include your educational institution & IRB approval & contact information on such requests, or recommend that our members not participate for their own protection.


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    Was the survey completed here or elsewhere? Is it something that you can share with the forum or with me?

    I am a developer making software for hands-free computer accessibility by means of head tracking and facial expression detection (such as smiles) via a webcam. Therefore I am curious.


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