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Thread: bruno valet plus drivers seat

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    Angry bruno valet plus drivers seat

    Just woundering if anyone has a Bruno Valet plus drivers seat? My son Dalton had on installed in his truck about a year and half ago and has had multiple issues with the X jack, cord and control pendent for the seat. The operating system for the seat has also been replaced once also. it seems that the cord and pendent do no like cold weather as the coiled phone cord has wires that break repeatedly and the LCD screen goes out if it freezes! Once the screen goes out you can no longer program the seat. The cord, the X jack, and of course the pendent are all items which have to be purchased from a Bruno dealer at a crazy high price plus having to pay a dealer to reprogram the thing for you! Dalton just had this done again for the second time once last winter and now again this winter!!!!!! It cost him $500.00 plus to get the seat working again yesterday. WE would like to know if there are any other people dealing with these same issues. We feel this is very much a personal safety issue,such as not being able to get into or out of your vehicle during extremely cold weather as he was stuck waiting for help in a parking lot in below zero tempetures. we would like any input to this that anyone is willing to offer.
    We also know another person that lives down the street from us that has a Bruno transferr seat in his pickup that in just over a years time the gears went out of the drive system and dropped him to the ground . Any information about these type of items would be great as we feel that this information should be made available to people so they can make a informed purchase if they are looking for this type of equipment.
    Company's like this should have to inform their customers about issues like this if they have problems with products in cold weather or other issues that may effect the safty of their customers.
    Thank You For Letting Me Vent!!!

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    Hello, I have a bruno valet seat for the passenger side and I have had a lot of problems with it. I have had to replace several parts on it. I love the seat but I do think that the company could do a better job with it. Mine hates cold weather. I have been leaving work on two occasions during a snow storm and my seat wont come out for me to get into. Luckily i was able to get a friend to come and put me in my vehicle with the use of the seat.

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    wow and your in alabama, not even a cold weather state like iowa . thank you for responding to the post as it will be very helpful to have information like this as we plan on making contact with bruno directly. Bruno so far will not talk to us directly and say that you have to go through a dealer to make any contact with them. Our dealer R and R mobiliy in Sioux Falls SD has left alot to be desired. They have not even been able to get simple wiring jobs done correctly.

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    I haven't had direct contact with Bruno either I always go through the guy that does all my work and he is really good about getting my things fixed. He is about 3 hours from me so I also have a family member that is good with electrical work so he he also helps me repair my seat.

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    We don't have a Bruno but we did have an Access Unlimited Easy Access seat installed in our truck last year. It typically works fine but this winter it will not go up as the grease in it gets too hard. I have to manually crank the seat up for my husband and that takes 15 minutes or longer. It sounds like these companies need to do more research and correct the cold weather problems. We had a huge falling out with Access Unlimited as they have shady business ethics so we can't go back to them for help.

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    just a little up date with our issues with the valet plus. This week Dalton was home for spring break and we went to see our lawyer who made calls to the dealer who serviced the seat for him,the dealer that sold the seat to us. He then called Bruno ,They did not avoid his call by saying that they only will deal with customers through a dealer of theirs. Both our selling dealer and servicing dealers told us that the parts that failed were not covered under warranty, which in contrast bruno told him the the items that were replaced were covered . The next day he was contacted by the selling dealer and was informed that they were going to reverse the charges and cover the repair under warranty. I am very disappointed that it takes a lawyer to get warranty repairs done for this product. I sur hope other have had better luck with these products than we and the people we know have had and the service issues with these products. This is a great tool to let others know about good and bad products for the people that need them so badly and can ill afford for the products to be of low quality or have reputation for bad service.

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    I have the same problem as was installed by erreka solutions (incompeten).

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    Hello, I was wondering if there are any updates on these issues. I also have a Turny seat in a crew cab pickup. I love the seat but have had issues with it from day 1. Mostly it just sops working and "loses position". The second day I had the seat, it was very cold during the winter and the seat would not come down. We pulled the fuse for a minute to reset it and that did the trick. Periodically we have had to do this. Well it's winter again and the problem has become worse. Just about every time the fuse has to be pulled and reset. The last time (actually the last time the seat was used) I had to pull the fuse multiple times to get the seat to do the right thing. The seat would go so far in the rotation and stop. Then it would go forward or backwards way to far. Finally after pulling the fuse and messing with the control I was able to get it to work. My dealer is 3 hours away and not a lot of help.

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    After reading the problems presented here, and being a person who understands electrical mechanical issues to a large extent. It certainly seems that there is a problem with the grease used in these units, ALL of them. Most greases do get stiff when cold, in turn this very stiff or almost frozen grease is creating an excess resistance that demands more power from the motor than it can produce. This excess power (amperage) demand can cause things like blown fuses, burned out motors, wire burn out connection problems, and even overheated insulation which in turn causes broken brittle internal wiring.

    Multiple legal demands (Lawyer phone calls) eventually cause a company remedy. Or calls to the (BBB) Better Business Bureau, may expedite this process. I'm guessing these are Chinese re-labeled seating units,or parts components, or maybe simply poorly engineered/ constructed. This bodes ill for all those units that we hear little about, but are still out there.

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    Just a quick update for those interested. After rattling some cages I received a call from a tech at Bruno. He explained to me that the units are very vulnerable to cold for the following reason. Even when the vehicle is not in use, in order to keep it's memory it draws amperage. At times this can be high. The colder it is, the more drain on the battery. The longer it sits, the worse it gets. The units are very sensitive to low voltage. He seemed very knowledgable. He told me exactly what my seat was doing. At times during the winter if the truck sat for a few days in the extreme cold, the battery would go dead. We couldn't figure out why, So when you go to use the seat, the battery is not up to par.

    The fix

    Remove the pendant controller during the cold months and take it in the house. This will stop the chair from all draw on the battery when not in use. Get a larger battery. Start the vehicle before operating the seat.

    I will be using the truck for the first time in over a week today. Hoping for success.

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