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Thread: New injury in a country without the ASIA scale

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    New injury in a country without the ASIA scale

    Hi every one. It's been three weeks that my cousin has fallen and has had a spinal cord injury. She has been stabilized and dent home, but she is not able to sit for very long yet. Her injury is at T8-T9 level and she has no sensation or movement below her belly button. Where she is there aren't rehabilitation services and I am very concerned how she'll be able to improve. Does anyone know how one can learn about rehabilitation and exercise movements and whether or not they can be done at home with some efforts from family members? Thank you very much for your help.

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    It would help a lot to know where she is located. The ASIA exam has been replaced by the ISNCSCI exam. It would be most unusual to not have a single member of ISCoS in the entire country.

    ISCoS also offers an excellent professional education site for SCI care.


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    Thank you very much SCI-Nurse. She is in Iran. I did not know the difference between ASIA and ISNCSCI, but did find the ISNCSCI online calculator and tried to see what level she is. Since she has no sensation or movement below her belly button, I placed zeros in all the LER and LEL, 5s for UER and UEL, and for Motor and Sensory from C2 to T8 2s and zeros from T9 and below and No for VAC and DAP. This gave me T8 CA. She was stabilized in one of the good private hospitals in Tehran. I would really like to learn about what exercise is good for her and how much exercise she needs to do on a gaily basis to stay healthy and happy. Thanks.

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    There is a SCI rehab centre in Tehran with a SCI experienced physiatrist. His name is Gholam Reza Raissi. He is at Teheran University of Medical Science.


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    Go to you tube and search for SCI rehab at her level. Project Walk, Beyond The Chair, etc. all post videos of them working out with SCI's. In patient rehab is good for getting used to personal care issues and independence issues but even in the US they aren't actually designed for long term rehab. That is generally done in out patient therapy.
    I rehabbed nearly all on my own at home. There is tons that can be done but without knowing what her specific injury and if there is any function preserved and to what extent is it is hard to give too much recommendation. ASIA scales aren't very useful to anyone other than doctors and therapists. They only measure a few muscles and don't give a complete picture of an injury nor your prognosis so maybe she is lucky in that regard. IMO they tend to discourage more than encourage.

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