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Thread: Can progress be made without consistancy?

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm a bit discouraged right now. I was actually figuring out out to have off days and enjoy them. The last week or so my back has been bothering not fun. My back has never bothered me so hopefully it's just a strained muscle or something that gets better. But my walking looked like it was going good and seeing progress, but the last two days I've been having troubles, discouraging. I know there will be those days. My right leg is tight and hinders my walking stability, I need to learn an efficent way to stretch it that's not difficult. Does anyone know of some kind of brace that can hold my foot up during the day or night and stretch my calf / hamstring?

    Here's a video from about 2 weeks ago, this was scary, but does anyone agree that if I have this kind of potential that it can be pushed much further and turn into great function? Thanks for being there guys.

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    Try this. Your brain needs to make success. Reduce your routine to something you can achieve. Do not worry about looking like Hercules or anything regarding your looks. The goal is to achieve. Do not achieve 1-2 X. You need to build the consistency. After time, then begin to gradually increase on what you have achieved. If ypu are not, you need to back up. That is too "big of a step." Get to something you can achieve and work from there. I have finally got myself walking with walker 12+ years post accident. I am just about ready to go back to therapy and ask them to put me in H2O at parallel bars. Reason? I am going to just leave go and see what happens. H2O will hold me.

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    what's h20? Yes I have figured smaller goals consistantly and that worked great, but the few days I feel good and push it and do well I think I can do that all the time, but I see that's usually no good. Right now after sitting in my chair all day, when my wife trys to help me stand, my back gives and pulls me down, very frustrating. If my back is ok my legs can push me up, but I think I need to build strength in my legs. Is squats a good exercise and what other leg exercises will help me going from sit to stand?

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    You can try a bed ladder. One of those things they give you to help you sit up in bed. Loop the end that generally attached to the bed around your foot.

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    Recovery from SCI and gaining strength isn't a linear process, that's the frustrating part. If you find you can do something on one day, it"s common to have trouble with it another time. Progress is best measured over longer spans of time. If you're not already, keep an exercise journal...not just what you're doing but little observations along the way. Take photos or videos and refer back to them. I've been injured for almost four years. It took me an entire year to do a hamstring curl on my own, wobbly, to be sure. Sometimes I could do one, then othertimes, not. Now, I can do a hundred with a two pound ankle weight. Will be upping the weight soon.

    Aim for consistent workouts and prepare for the days when things don't go as well. Don't get discouraged. Motor through, do your best and see what happens.

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