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Thread: what foods have you found help ?

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    what foods have you found help ?

    I like food that tastes good and probably not good for you. Are there foods or ingredients that have been found to increase or decrease spasms? Spasms in my legs bother me lately a lot when I'm using my walker. I sometimes think it's from drinking pop but sometimes I drink only water and they still bother me? Maybe it's because I'm tired.

    I'm trying to exercise and improve more lately. What simple easy foods would be beneficial to me?

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    The only foods I have found reduce spasms, if you consider them foods, are alcoholic beverages.
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    I don't think that there are any foods that reduce spasms. But everytime I drink alcohol I become as relaxed as a dead body for several days.

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    Potassium and magnesium both help reduce muscle spasms and cramping. I make sure to have foods that are high in both these everyday like bananas and potatoes. Thats on top the multi vitamins and other supplements I take. Here is some foods that provide a good source of potassium and magnesium.

    The other thing I do when my spasms are bad is stretch. Stretching seems to help me a lot when my spams are bad. Plus working out is huge to relax spasms. I know everyone is different so the next person may not notice a difference with the same technique but this seems to work for me and I don't take any meds for spasms.

    I try to avoid things like soda or a lot of refined sugar in general. Soda can weaken your bones among a lot of other negative issues. From my experience the healthier I am eating and drinking the better I am all around. That goes for bowels, bladder, spasms, and more. It would be worth laying off soda and other junk food for a while and replacing it with water and lots of fruits and vegetables high in potassium and magnesium on top of your exercising. You will most likely have to do it for a couple weeks to a month to see if it helps or not. One day will most likely not show any signs of change but practicing this day after day might. I would be very curious to hear if it helps you at all. I try hard to avoid meds and this works for me, hopefully it helps you and others out a bit as well.

    Here is a video of how I stretch when my spasms are bad.


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    Hey Joe,
    thank you for the info and for posting the video. With my balance I don't have the ability to stretch like that, at least not yet. My right hamstring does drive me crazy and I'm always looking for good ways to stretch it. How long do you stretch a muscle that offers good relief?

    I drink more water but struggling with the healthy foods. Working on it. What are some simple meals or snacks that work for you?

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    One decently healthy snack is baked corn chips and any vegetable based salsa or black bean dip that is not oil based. The plain baked corn tostitos are fairly high in protein and the salsas are basically a good source of low calorie and lower natural sugars than most juices vitamin C. A low fat black bean dip is also high in protein and fiber. If you can find a black bean dip you like than you can reproduce them cheaply with a blender at home.
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    I used to stretch for about 30 minutes every morning to to help spasms but don't have to anymore. After 1.5 years of that routine my spams started to chill out a bit. I have very little trunk control if any at all so I think most people could do a lot of my stretches with some work. Plus they help you learn your new center of gravity. So I wouldn't rule them out until you have worked on them for a while.

    As far as food goes I eat mostly organic. My snacks are nuts, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, granola and yogurt, things like that. Also I love drinking Kombucha. It has a lot of probiotics like yogurt and is great for you digestive system. Kombucha is an awesome replacement for soda plus you can brew it yourself making it very affordable. I try to stick to the outside of the grocery store. The junk and more processed food sits in the middle and it is a lot more expensive in the middle. If I look at the ingredients on packaged food and it has more things I don't recognize than what I do, I try and stay away. Fresh foods that go bad in shorter periods of time are generally better for you.

    That is the basic idea of my diet. Nothing special or too fancy, just fresh organic food.


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