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My wife and I bought a Dunesport a few years back. We love ours and I had them put a ceiling rail in for my lift. Lack of cabinet space was a challenge, but we modified same way as ancientgimp did. We make our annual trek from Austin to Denver in the TT for me to go to Craig. Looking forward to the trip this year. I pull also with a E250, I drive from wheelchair and she pulls fine.. You will enjoy!!
I'm so happy to hear that you love your Dune Sport TH. The storage was an issue for us too. I added drawers and 2 pantries (1 in kitchen and 1 in bathroom). We won't get ours until July because they are on back order. Another lady on this forum has one also. Which one did you get? Can you tell me some details or share pics? They haven't started building ours yet so i still have time to make appropriate changes.