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Thread: Epidural Stimulation Future Trials and Commercial Planning

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    Quote Originally Posted by fti View Post
    Hi GRAMMY do you have any news for epidural stimulation for upper limbs
    Just what I'd posted about 60 days ago in this thread...(nothing new in the last few days).

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    When phase two trial starting any guess?
    Why not epidural therapy in other countries too like china, india and japan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawaid View Post
    When phase two trial starting any guess? A phase ONE must begin first before a phase two date could be planned.

    Why not epidural therapy in other countries too like china, india and japan? The clinical trial phases must be ran on the equipment and it's use/variables so they know how to implement the therapy correctly for patients in the clinic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    The trials are linked here for the transcutaneous (non-invasive) hand and arm that will be recruiting in addition to the lower limb for the new prototype.

    Anyone have any idea why these trials haven't started recruiting?

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    As of early November 2014, the device hasn't made it past a prototype by NeuroRecovery Technologies. They need funding to bring it to production to start testing the device. I think they are adapting other transcutaneous spinal stimulators currently (I'm not totally sure though), but their device is supposed to be better adapted for actual neuroactivation. Check out the Revive campaign and NeuroRecovery Technologies Facebook pages and websites.

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    Thank You

    Thank you for this.

    I clicked on hyperlink talking about their sexual functions and seen that they're saying it went back to normal. What does that mean ? Article says "The men, who all experienced varying levels of sexual dysfunction, say their sex lives returned to normal once the stimulators were implanted." Does that mean they can feel it? What is their definition of normal. Does anyone know that guy or know anymore about this?

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    Normal like a normal able bodied person

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    Wow, but for most quad (from a few surveys I've read )especially higher ones hand function takes number one spot, and rightfully so it interacts with the entire world everything we have is built by the hand and made for the hand. I don't like how they just disregard walking, I think their mindset would change once they have everything back and still can't walk especially if traveling, or just when people are getting to those beautiful hard-to-reach areas. Not Walking has its serious health concerns as well. I understand where they're coming from, but I don't think they're thinking long-term or practically.

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    But honestly the biggest thing for me at least with doing anything like this, d initially it would just be the feeling that finally someone professional is actually trying to help me, and I am actually trying to beat this disability. No more putting me in a life I don't want, feeding me bullshit one liners, showing me how to do completely unjdignified and arduous task for the simplest things. Going right at it tackling the problem full force for once, literally addressing the problem, not just looking for ways to work around it, give me a comparable lifestyle to what it once was, what I see almost all able-bodied people live every day. Except for the lazy bum losers, ignorant, waste of air don't even realize what they have, fuckers really sore spot.

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