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In the grand scheme of curing SCI, FES and the Lokomat have not been massive successes. I agree they are small steps forward...they are small pieces of the puzzle, and I think FES especially plays much more of a role in keeping people healthy than it does in recovery. Epidural stimulation has been shown to elicit muscle activity, enable voluntary standing, enable voluntary control of muscles below injury, and return bowel, bladder, sexual, and temperature regulation function in chronic, complete humans. Compared to any other therapy or method that has been tested in chronic, complete humans, epidural stimulation has been the most successful in improving function. So, I consider it a massive success. Even if epidural stimulation never allows people with SCI to progress past what we have already found, it would still allow for massive improvements in the lives of most people with SCI.

By the logic of trying to manage expectations, we should just say everything is going to be a flop, so that way nobody ever gets their hopes up for anything. One of the problems with this way of thinking is that everyone will think everything will be a flop and a waste of money and time, and nobody will want to research anything. That is my biggest issue with your way of thinking here. You seem to want to discourage any research that won't turn SCI people into able-bodied people instantly, in one surgery or procedure. It's not going to be that simple.
When you say return bowel, bladder and sexual functions people likely get the idea they restored these funtions to normal. This is not true as far as I know and the returns have not been objectvely evaluted. These reports of improvments are anecdotal as what you hear from people who got unproven therapies around the world. That is when I suggest to "keep calm"

BTW, personally I have had some small spontaneous improvments in B&B over the years and I hear that is rather common. In my case I have recovered a better feeling of B&B and that helps preventing accidents.

I agree that I am being very negative which I don't like at all, but it's your fault (LOL!) because I have to ballance your excess of optimism