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Thread: Epidural Stimulation Future Trials and Commercial Planning

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    You'd have to consult with Dr. Brown.
    Thanks, email sent, not going to hold my breath, but if its an option I think I'd rather try this than something in Thailand.

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    There are substantial difference between simply implanting a Medtronic stimulator. The stuff Edgerton and Co are doing involves more electrodes, multiple frequencies and very specific waveforms. I think this shortfall of China/Thailand is demonstrated in the one guy who posted to Facebook that the Medtronic implant allowed him to move his leg in a "controlled spasm" way. With the stimulator on he would try to flex his abs while taking a breath or something and then his knee would come up. That is *not* what subjects in the Edgerton studies describe at all.
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