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Thread: Oscar Pistorius: A reasonable man?

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    As far as I understand, he has admitted doing the shooting. I believe his claim is defending her. I am not quite sure how he was doing that if she was n other side of the door. Unfortunately, laws are laws. They are not perfect. Some people do get away by properly executing the legal system. In US, you can only be tried 1X for the same thing. So if you get away, you get away.
    Wow things have changed now you can protect someone you know and love from harm by shooting them 4 times and killing them so no one else can? there are soooo many people I love and are likely in danger :-)


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    He shot and killed her. Guilty. Period. Being disabled doesn't give anyone a pass on murder. I don't buy the poor pitiful double amp as an excuse.

    If we want equal rights and equal access, we are equally accountable when we break laws.

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    Tears of a clown. Don't get all "Smokey" on us. Your act doesn't cut it bro.
    So "Now if there's a smile on your face, it's only there to fool the public"
    "But when it comes down to fooling you now honey, that's quite a different subject"
    "But don't let my (sad) expression give you the wrong expression"
    "Really I'm sad, oh sadder than sad you're gone
    and I'm hurting so bad like a clown
    I pretend to be (sad)."

    Go for it Oscar, win an Oscar.

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    I am not sticking up for the guy. Personally, the little I have read/seen, it sure sounds like he is a bad guy. However, laws are not perfect, if "cards" are played correctly, you can get away with things. This was all I was trying to say.

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    I was home alone and family was supposed to be on vacation 400 miles away. Bedroom in cellar, asleep at 4 am when footsteps are heard, quietly walking around upstairs. Wake up instantly, heart beating 1,000 beats a minute. Grab rifle, load and very, very cautiously begin climbing cellar stairs. Let's say, extremely concerned, don't want to embarrass myself with pants still clean. So far.

    Door closed, removed safety and think, do I shoot through door? Really need two hands on rifle to be accurate. Say f_ _ k it and reach for door knob when water in kitchen sink starts running. Ain't no sell respecting thief gonna run some water. Swing door open and scare the shit out of my sister WHO WAS GOD DAM LATE LEAVING FOR VACATION.

    Could I have shot through the door? Probably, legally? Had I not received some very serious military training that gave me some deliberate balls, may have accidentally killed my sister.

    Damn lucky for both of us, the water of course.

    Very dangerous neighborhood where at least one person in small inter-city borough is killed every month. Cops are extremely busy with major crimes and may wait forever for help, if it comes at all. No one comes into my house uninvited, without risking their life.
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    He's guilty as sin imo, but people can be bought, i.e. judges. Happens everyday in the US of A, probably happens a lot more in SA.
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