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Thread: Types of water?

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    I have well. There is enough sediment I end un needing to clear my faucets out periodically because enough buildup reduces water pressure coming out. Especially in shower. Say buildup, I mean BUILDUP. I won't drink the shit. Buy who put the well in, I would love to kick his ass. I need CLR and it still takes me hours to clear a faucet. Sediment cannot be seen visually. Just builds up with the faucet nozzles.
    Just put a whole house filter down by the well. When I lived in Wi the water had so much iron in it, the ice cubes were red. I put in a couple of these, . Ran them parallel to each other with a couple valves so I could change them without turning off the water. Worked great.

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    I spent 10 years in a motorhome living all over the US. I drink tap water and no problems. Only bad water I ran across was in ND where they have real high natural fluoride. The land o lakes area in Ark, where the water tasted horrible and Wy where its so alkaline it cleans you out like Drano.

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    We've used a Big Berkey water filter for decades. Tap water in, clean, de-mineralized, de-fluronated, water out. I also use their sports bottles for when out and about. You could refill them from a pond and get perfect water through the straw! My favorite filter line, by far. Tried RO but that actually caused issues being TOO pure!
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    Spring water or Distilled water and on occasion Sparkling mineral water.
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    Where I live, in China, you cannot drink the water from the tap so people usually drink bottled distilled water. I do have a water purifier at home which I prefer drinking from rather than distilled water.
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    I drink water sprinkled with a nice dose of coffee Ha!

    Drinking distilled water is not a good idea. Distilled water will rob your body of electrolytes and mineral.

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    I live in a house that is 105 years old. a semi dump. The landlord certainly isn't going to replace any water pipes. So I've been using an Aquasana water filter for over ten years. Best filter I've ever used.
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    I drink lots of water straight out of pipes , now I have city water water but the last 20 yrs well water sci 13 yrs. fyi usual trhe more sediment means I have some stones about 1 every other yea5 I clog up see doc he takes care of them

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    We drink Fiji here and have no problems with sediment. Tap water is fine as well but I have somehow more faith and trust in Fiji. Glad to see I am not the only well who recommends it.

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