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Thread: Bearing Size for Spinergy LX Wheels

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    Bearing Size for Spinergy LX Wheels

    I've had a set of 25" Spinergy LX wheels for about 5 years. I want to replace the bearings. Anyone know the correct bearing size? I contacted Spinergy and they said they could send me bearings "at cost" and they are known as R8 bearings for 1/2" axels. There are a lot of different R8 bearings on anyone know the proper bearing for these wheels? Thanks.

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    R8 defines the exact size. Choices beyond that are for material, sealing, and smoothness (ABEC). Unless you expose your wheels to harsh environments (e.g., ocean spray), just basic materials are okay. For sealing I would get seals on at least one side of each bearing, and install the unsealed side inward on the wheels. Regarding smoothness, our wheels turn so slowly (compared to electric motors) that high ABEC is not required.
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    If you can get OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, do it, unless someone can point you to a known brand and url that is definitely better.
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