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Thread: Loss of Autnomic Disreflexia...?

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    Loss of Autnomic Disreflexia...?

    I'm a C-5, C-6 SCI and I've been injured for 17 years now. I've always gotten disreflexia (blood pressure rises when something is wrong and the body can't tell you below the feeling level. Massive headache while blood pressure rises.) when my body was having troubles, mostly due to UTIs. In the past couple months, this has gone away. Now I no longer have disreflexia. Usually the massive migraine headache would start at 150bp and now I've reached 215bp (yes that high) and nothing. Not like I enjoy the disreflexia headache but they would tell me there was something wrong. Now, my bp rises and I have no idea especially when changing my catheter.

    Has everyone experienced this?
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.

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    There is a small subset of people who are subject to autonomic dysreflexia (AD) who get it but have no symptoms. This is scary, because as you say, it is impossible to know that these people are having AD unless their blood pressure is taken. Do you have any symptoms at all (other than headache)?? Flushing and sweating above the level of your injury? Cool and pale below? Stuffy nose? Changes in vision?? What happens to your pulse (heart rate)???

    I would also be concerned that if you have symptoms before, and do not have them now, that this could be a symptom of a syrinx (syringomyelia). Have you been evaluated for this??

    I would like to move this to the Care forum rather than here in Pain, if that is OK with you.


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