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Thread: 32 oz drink aide where are they?

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    32 oz drink aide where are they?

    Okay I know there's not too much difference between the new drink aide and the old one but still... I can't find any 32 ounce drink aides anywhere! I believe the original seller I forget the site right now but wherever I look I can't find 32 ounce drink aides they are all 28 ounces. has anyone seen the larger ones? When I search for them on Google I do see the old-style in pictures but when you look at the specifications they say 28 ounces. Any help is very and appreciated.

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    According to the Drink-Aide website, they have redesigned the bottle to be sleeker with a sturdier lid. They only mention a 28 oz size. In the FAQs, there is a question,
    Q - How much water does the Drink-Aide™ hold?
    A - 28 ounces.

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    Have you considered a Camelbak instead?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Have you considered a Camelbak instead?

    I Have looked at them but for me it is much easier using the bendable straw that the drinking aide has. I did not see anything like that on the Camelbak. Am I overlooking it?

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