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Thread: Powerchair Range on one Charge

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85
    I contacted the reeve foundation about wanting to assist in some way. To advocate and be a voice. They weren't interested. Was told they didn't have the funds for another ambassador. I wasn't asking for a payout! Anyways in the meantime I'm trying to educate myself in preparation of connecting with other groups.

    I have a book due out in may. It's very novel-ish (not my choice). But I make it very clear that this cant be prayed away or that just hard work won't get it done. But science will.

    I guess they will regret it if/when they see your post on the Huffington Post:

    "I often see news stories or shows such as “Push Girls” where some with this injury claim that they wouldn’t go back and change it if they could, that everything happens for a reason, or that they are perfectly content with their condition. That’s great in a lot of ways, [SIZE=14px]but I personally want society to know that 99 percent of us don’t feel that way. That we want a cure and we want it now.[/SIZE]"

    Great job Rachelle!


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    Great editorial, Rachelle!

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    Eric LeGrand now has a paying job. We spent a few wonderful days up at Wentworth by the Sea, NH and at lunch one day I turned from the view of the Marina to see Eric doing a Subway commercial on ESPN. Kkeeping his face out there in the public eye while earning a living also can only help us. If you see the commercial email the network and Subway and tell them what you thought of it. I like it because he'll be seen but as a person making an honest dollar, as the saying goes over here, and not as total charity case.

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    Happy wheelers are adding comments like " As a disabled person, I do not desire a cure myself and the fact that she professes to speak for "99%" of disabled people (or just paralyzed people, not sure which) is extremely disturbing to me."
    We need to show more support for Rachelle. I have added my comments and hope more people will say something in support of what Rachelle said.


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    I noted that by posting a comment as I did above the thread remains down in the page as it was before, this way people may miss comments, not sure if is something that can be fixed, if possible I think it should or maybe I'll just quote in the future...


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    I will put this on the list of "to-dos".

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    Powerchair Range on one Charge

    I have a used Jazzy 1113 ATS that I've been having issues with going dead while out and about. Not all of a sudden, of course, but it seems like the range has lessened since I first got it. (used chair, new batteries put in when I got it in October....) It certainly isn't getting anything near the "up to 25 mile range" per charge the user manual lists.... It might go two miles before dying after charging overnight. I keep the cord on it 24/7 and plug in whatever chance I get. I'm thinking of calling the repair guy, although it will all be out of pocket since my ins doesn't cover mobility. Anything I can try for it myself before that? (I have to get them to come to me because I have no way to transport it to accessible vehicle. I use it on public transport, which doesn't go to the mobility dealer.)
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    Check the connections to the battery to be sure they are clean and tight. But I think you either got taken on the battery(s) or have a charger that is not working properly. Can you try a different charger?
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    In addition to what nonoise pointed out, It's possible your new battery(s) is defective. If you know someone with basic electrical experience they might be able to check things out. There's a similar topic at the moment at messageboard, they are very helpful there. Good Luck

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