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Thread: Oxycodone 5mg !!!

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    Oxycodone 5mg !!!

    A doctor (The guy that did the procedure, but not my doctor) prescribed OxyCodone after my bladder stone surgery, I was looking up side effects on After taking it unfortunately, my pain got so bad it was all I had. Pain probably from another kidney infection. It stated that you should not take if you have kidney or liver disease, and problems urinating. Could my constant kidney infections, and The possibility of urine going back into my kidney, hasn't shown for me personally on ultrasounds, but none the less be considered a kidney disease? Also obviously I have urination problem, with reflex voiding and catheters this is my first time taking it usually I take Tylenol or if it gets really bad hydro morphine 2mg. I just want to be prepared if it is not a proper medication for myself to take given my situation, even though I have taken it already.

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    All medications say this!
    Medications are filtered through the kidney or the liver. The chemistry labs and liver function lab check the basic labs for kidney(BUN, Creatinine) or liver function( bilirubin, ALT, AST).
    If these were elevated it would indicate a problem with the filtering system.
    You can get damage to the kidney if the pressures are too high in the kidney-Urodynamics would tell what your voiding pressures are when you do reflex voiding- which can often be too high. this is one reason it is not recommended like it used to be 30 years ago.

    The doctor would have looked at this before prescribing for you! That is required.

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