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Thread: Walker Institute--the REAL story...

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    Walker Institute--the REAL story...

    Anyone out there who wants to talk about the Walker Institute--the good, the bad, and the end.

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    Not familiar with the Walker Institute ...

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    Yes! Worked there in 1990-1991, through a temp agency. I loved the patients and loved the therapists. And loved one of the administrators who participated on this site. His post is from 2012 though, please tell me Peter Benton is still alive. The lady who owned the agency that got me the job, and my subsequent job which enabled me to have my first child 100% covered by an HMO, passed away in the intervening years. When I called her place of business to look for work, I was so sad to hear she had passed. Don't wait to contact someone you were fond of, even if you knew them only briefly, if they impacted your life in a positive way. They may be gone. BTW, Dr. Walker was not a very nice person, she was unpleasant and unstable. Many did receive help at her facility, but not out of the kindness of her heart. She demonstrated very little to be contained therein.

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