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Thread: Sit Ski Edit!

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    Sit Ski Edit!

    Here is a little edit I put together after a season of sit skiing with Dream Adaptive in Whitefish, Montana.

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    So Sweet! Sit-skiing is absolutely my favorite adaptive sport. Once you get the need for speed you don't want to slow down! My favorite place to sit-ski is w/ Challenge Aspen in Aspen, CO.. The town is beautiful as well. Challenge Aspen offers really good discounts for disabled skiers. Also, the mountain Snowmass is by far the best terrain I've ever skied. Send me a message if you have any questions about sit-skiing and/or Challenge Aspen.

    Here's a video my buddy filled of us ripping Snowmass mountain:

    Rock on brotha! Keep flyin by all the AB's!!!
    "Be stronger than all your excuses...."

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