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    Daily life videos

    Hey all, glad to see CC is back in working order again. A few months ago, I made a couple videos that I thought could be helpful to new comers to SCI as well as general education. For one, I have the camera strapped to my head and show a few activities from my perspective. The second is a sort of how to video with mouth stick use. Unfortunately, the camera didn't pick up my voice very well with the second one, but I think it's workable. Please let me know if you think they're useful and hopefully they will be of some good.

    The videos aren't loading for me so here are the links:

    Life as viewed by a quad:

    Mouth Stick 101:

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    Yes, I think that they are both educational and useful. I didn't know that all of those things could be done with a mouth stick. These videos could be very helpful to people who are in rehab and just learning how to use a mouth stick. Did you ever think about sharing them with rehab centers? If not, you should. You explain things very well.

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