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Thread: Life's next chapter

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    A couple of things strike me:

    - How secure is the job with your father? Long term? Pay? Opportunities for advancement? Will you be gaining good marketable skills? How old is your father? What happens if he becomes ill, injured, are you out of a job with no new good one in sight?
    - On taking a year off? I would be very careful. You need to be saving money NOW so compounding interest works for you. I am not sure what you are thinking long term, but when I was working, I planned on having all my retirement money saved up before I was 50. To many things can side track us. Much better to have more money sooner than you need it than to have less when you need it more.
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    Joe - he runs his own company. It is small but doing relatively well. He has no partners and my sister has no interest.

    He is turning 64 next month and is hoping to retire soon. He would stay involved by keeping in touch with customers, visiting them, going to lunch, and offering anything he could to me and everyone else. I would run the company. Long term? Who knows. Hopefully, but also hopefully not. Ideal would be to grow it and sell it one day. I have no idea if I will be able to do it but that is probably the goal.

    Like I said I am accepting a voluntary severance package that would reduce my flow of income for only a few months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    I met my now wife in 2007 so I was 35. 21 yrs post gimp. if you remember in late 2006 while building my house I got a staph infection that went septic, dam near croaked. 1st and only time really sick post sci. lost 50-60 pounds looked horrible. I was still not back to 100% when we met. funny how things happen.
    Haha, interesting John. Yes funny how things work out. I think by 35 I'd be more than ready to settle down with someone. I'd be ok with before too, but I'm just taking it as it comes now. Professionally I've had the last 6-7 years planned out and I've been fortunate enough that it's gone almost perfectly. So this is a big step after I leave here.
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    just enjoy your life, date, get out there you'll find that perfect partner, may take several not so perfect partners but hey that's fun too. best of luck. rep
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