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Thread: Dollar general won't read or understand the service dog ADA laws.

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    Dollar general won't read or understand the service dog ADA laws.

    Iv taken in copies of the laws, and explained there is no such thing as legal certification of a service dog.
    that anyone can go buy ID or "certificate" but it isn't a legal document. Nor is it required or recognized by the ADA.
    their policy is that a dog must have this fake ID and fake certificate and a red vest to go into their stores.

    they wont even read the copies of the laws I took in.
    they state that only seeing eye dogs are allowed in their store. well I asked them if a blind man came in your store and his dog didn't have a red vest and Made up ID tags on, would you throw him out?

    they said no.
    I asked, have you ever seen a red vest or fake ID tags on a seeing eye dog.


    Iv been a customer for four years so they know im handicapped.

    I asked them, if a veteran comes in with a service dog and he has a working harness like my dog has, would you throw him out?


    though I didn't have to, I demonstrated my dog's tasks. hand his behavior.

    I can easily go order those fake ID and a red harness instead of the leather one I prefer however Id rather go home and copy the law for you so you can educate your employee's, so that other people with working dogs can avoid this crap. and so that you can understand and know that there is no legal "Certified" service dog certificate, and Id. There should be in my opinion.

    I can have my dog pass obedience tests, but the certificate I get is basically a novelty item provided by whatever facility has a dog training school and prints them out. or I can pretend im a "certified" dog trainer, and make them up myself, But that does nothing for the problem of businesses pretending they know the law, and denying access to a disabled person and their dog.

    Since we are a new team and I am the one training my dog, iv provided the laws and left.

    What do other people do?

    they tried to tell me pet smart would kick me out too.

    I go to petsmart at least once a week, and they always compliment my dog and I on our teamwork. we were there yesterday and it was packed with people and animals, because it was an adoption fair, and my dog did his job very well.
    I was surprised how well he did his job. There was another service dog there with the required "certified" Id tag and vest, and I asked where they got theirs, and they said Amazon.

    when Amazon sells their ID and "certified" ID and vests there is a disclaimer that this is not a legal ID and that the ADA does not recognize or require this ID as a legal document.

    Id like to help educate the public on the matter, and also maybe get few larger dogs a chance at a job and a life by telling my dogs story.

    if he'd ended up in a kill shelter they would have just killed him, but a vet assistant where I volunteer found him, and I adopted him after two other families took him and brought him back.

    He is now a working dog. not a shelter dog who is too big to have in a house.

    I love him and he loves me. In fact he chose me.
    the people at the shelter said he could hear my truck five minutes before I pulled in and he would go nuts making yodeling noises and jumping all over.

    they can't believe I trained him to behave so well in so short a time.
    Im hoping other potential service dogs can get the same chance my dog got.

    It was only his silly behavior when he heard my truck going down the highway, that gave me the courage to try training him.
    He was much bigger than the dog I was looking for. but like I said, he chose me.

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    Have you spoken to the manager? Their corporate offices?? If so, and you are not getting anywhere, you can file a DOJ complaint. You may have to do this. Do you know other service dog owners in your area who have had this problem too?? An organized picket/demonstration in front of the store may also get their attention.


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    I trained my dog, Sky, to pull me so I have no certification papers.

    I only invoked her "service dog" status once when I needed to stay at a particular hotel that accepted service dogs but not pets. They said I would have to have certification papers and an id vest. I emailed them a copy of the Q&A off the ADA site. They didn't respond. So I called them in a couple of days and said I wanted to complete my reservation, and they did it without any more questions. I ultimately did buy a service dog collar for Sky. I actually like it now.

    I don't take Sky into stores since I don't need her service there. Actually, it would be harder for me to shop if I had her with me. I think that's the test. If your dog actually makes shopping easier, then you should be able to take your dog into the store. If not, no.

    If you file a complaint, let us know the results.
    TM 2004 T12 incomplete

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    Here is that page, which is good to print out and carry with you when you are out with your service dog:


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    Thank you.
    yes, that's exactly what I provided.
    I'v shopped at dollar general right around the corner from my home for the last four years, so they know I have a physical disability. It's pretty obvious apparently from the way people stare around here.

    I asked for the corporate number and address.
    you see, the manager pretended to call their corporate office and ask about their policy of denying access to all dogs except "seeing eye" dogs.
    She came back each time and stated the red vest, certification, and ID requirements.
    I said, you didn't bother to read the ADA laws did you?

    I explained why I used a heavy working harness, with a handle on it, and that a vest wouldn't provide for my needs. a vest wouldn't fit under or over his working harness.
    she answered she called the corporate office and that's their policy. I said ok thank you, I'll be giving them a call and writing them a letter enclosing the ADA law just to be sure they understand them.

    the manager and another employee followed me the door, and blamed the whole thing on a new employee, and asked me not to complain about their store.

    Said I only wanted them to review the ADA laws and educated their employee's about public access to people with disabilities and working dogs, and I also let her know that I didn't think she called anyone at all in the three times I came in and was refused entry.

    the manager said her sister has a service dog, and I said well then you should know the Americans with disabilities act allows disabled people to use a trained dog to assist them in their daily life. "well my sisters dog has a red vest and ID".

    she'd told me a few minutes before though, that in the five years she'd worked there no one has ever come in with a service dog.

    the day before that, she said she had to kick someone out because they had a little fake service dog and they were rubbing the dogs butt on everything.

    this time I was the one staring.

    I don't think I want to shop there now.
    I found another dollar general to shop at. it's a few miles out of my way, and I have to pass the one right by my house to get there.

    Im not going to get a fake certification. I think it will only solidify the false policies of denying access, and encourage anyone disabled or not to buy high priced made up certificates, that are not legal documents and are not approved or required by the ADA.

    they are expensive, and it isn't right that places can sell these made up Certified service dog ID tags. even if they place a disclaimer that they are not legal documents and not required by the ADA.

    He does have a tag that says service dog, Im paying my landlord an extra 25 bucks a month to keep him, even though I don't have to, just to keep the landlord happy.
    my vet who owns the shelter he was staying at, has him listed as a service dog, and when he gets his microchip he will be listed as a service dog with the chip company.


    I waited five years for my name to come up with Susquehanna service dogs. I was approved for a mobility dog, but just before I was to meet my puppy, my husband went crackerdog, I lost my house, had to divorce and file restraining orders on threat of retaliation from my now ex husband.
    he'd stolen my Cairn Terrier who I loved dearly, and that really broke my heart. It took a long time to get over that. I don't think I got over the dog my employer stole and resold. she was a standard long coat dachshund, id trained to compete in agility.
    And there was the fire, which killed my cats, and then I was homeless.

    Susquehanna service dogs would not place a dog with me under those conditions, so I let them know the situation, and I was taken off of their list.

    After I got knocked over at Walmart By a customer, last year, I no longer felt safe going out. Iv had extreme anxiety in public ever since. Its been pretty lonely, and since anxiety isn't very good for socializing,
    I decided it was time to consider a service dog again. Im home alone, and Id like to at least feel safe.

    It's almost uncanny how I got my dog. I almost decided he'd been too beat up to be dependable. he was pretty fearful despite his size. it was apparent he'd been beaten up pretty badly. I think we just understand each other, and now we're a team.

    he's pretty much just awesome.

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    he does make it easier if I drop something, which I do a lot. also he allows me to balance down stairs. pauses at each step and lets me use the handle on his harness to get up each step.

    I use him to pull up off the ground, or out of a chair.
    he prevents people from bumping into me, and no one is going put their hands on me and knock me over with him there. he did prevent me from losing my balance a few times, but he's learned to lean a counter balance on his own.

    he is learning to pull a chair but I don't usually need a wheelchair. He loves to trike, and can mush up a hill I cant quite trike up on my own.
    he is learning how to get things off of a low shelf that I can't bend over to reach. that task isn't very solid yet. he can pick up paper money if I drop it, and almost anything else I might drop. so far, he can't pick up a coin yet though.

    He's learning how to play with other dogs at a dog park. he got between me and another dog that kept jumping on me.
    Im hoping as he learns more tasks, he will understand my needs more too.

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    no I don't really know anyone in this state. I know the people at the shelter were I volunteer, My Drs, my vet, and my roommate/sweetie.
    I used to go fishing before I got tachycardia and started fainting but I went alone, and stopped because I couldn't drive if I was fainting.

    now that I have that under control maybe I'll meet people. people want to meet my dog.

    id wouldn't mind training other dogs for people who might need a dog. apparently im still pretty good at training a dog.

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    1. Contact corporate yourself: Their CEO is Richard W. Dreiling, 100 Mission Rdg, Goodlettsville TN 37072, tel. (615) 855-4000.

    2. Also send a message through their website to their Customer Service department.

    3. File a DOJ complaint if they do not correct the situation.

    You are not doing this just for yourself, but for others who may be in the same situation as well.


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    wow, thank you, that isn't the address they gave me.
    I did find a website, but I don't want to complain, just make them aware of ADA public access, and that iv been denied access at the store nearest me.

    I have not tried to go into a restaurant. one with seating outside, just to see how he would do. He's pretty good, but since he's been in training for only five weeks, Im adding new public situations one at a time.

    There are a lot of working dogs in Pennsylvania. Its unusual here in south Carolina.
    when I go into petsmart, they recognize he's a working dog though.

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    This is a problem here too. Why can?t there be some type of registry that all service dogs/animals have to be identified in? It could list only the animals that have been authorized as service animals by some qualifying organization or medical professional. Then access to the registry could only be given to the police or people who would essentially enforce the law. It wouldn?t have to include any medical information about the owners, so no privacy issues would be compromised. It might not solve the problem completely, but it may help some, especially if huge fines were given to the owners whose dogs are not listed on the registry.

    It is really terrible that legitimate service dogs are forced out of businesses because there is so much abuse of the system. I am sorry this happened to you.

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