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Thread: Rigid Chair backs. What's your experience?

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    I've been using a Varilite Icon for the past 3 years and always had back pain. The top didn't have enough padding and I also have a weird curve to my mid/lower back from it. 2 weeks ago I got a Matrx MX1 carbon fiber backrest and love it so far. I'm sitting straighter, have better posture, better support and more padding at the top.
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    I've been using Jay J3s for a few years. I find the support is so much better than cloth that they are well worth the weight increase.

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    I personally demoed an ADI rigid backrest for a few months now and I love it. I am getting my own ADI backrest install by my DME tomorrow, I can't wait. I previous own a Jay 2 with lateral support. I think a rigid backrest made my sitting position better without adding additional weight to my chair.

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    I use a Jay J2 backrest on mine - it has been an utter lifesaver for me. When I first got the chair, it had a tension adjustable sling back, but for whatever reason - lack of support, etc, it caused me tremendous back pain, and I couldn't be in the chair for more than 15-30 minutes at a time. The need to get a rigid backrest was urgent, so I wasn't picky about choosing. I opted for whichever backrest my dealer could get to me immediately, which just happened to be the J2... and I have to say, it has been absolutely fantastic. The one thing I don't like about it is the cushion/fabric has a tendency to slide/migrate downwards, and leaves the top part of it digging into my back at times - it's metal with a rubber lip on it, so it's not that uncomfortable, but I often find myself re-adjusting the foam cushion to get that covered up. I have also 'experienced' a Jay J3 backrest - traded chairs with one of my friends for a few hours, and I have to say I preferred the J2 more, though as far as cosmetics go - the J3 looks a lot better.
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    I would like to use a rigid back but the last time I trialled one it ripped my arms up. Has there been any changes in connecting framework that would be okay for a quad that absolutely needs to hook arms for balance purposes. From those that have trialled rigid back's which one is potentially best for someone in my circumstance?


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    I just started using a rigid back with my power chair that something must be out of whack because my back is killing me after a few hours. I have a rigid back on the manual chair but it didn't bug me like that. I just recently got that one a few months ago. I wish I could still use that chair. I'm a little claustrophobic so I feel kind of trapped in my power chair when I'm sitting at a table but I guess I just have to get used to it
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    I use an Invacare infinity on a quickie extender on an power assist system. Its got adjustable hinge points for the change in your spinal curvature as well as pelvic and thoracic lateral guides needed for additional positioning support. Its also got adjustments for recline angle. It is quite heavy however and on a manual chair it would represent a significant increase in weight. I think it's a good back.

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    I use power assist device as well, do you need to hook over your handles and if so it doesn't cause any damage to your arms? Just trying to find the one that causes the least damage to someone hooking their arms over.

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    I have several solid backs. I started out with Invacare Matrx Elite aluminum 12" backs. I ALWAYS swap out the padding for Pudgie foam because I need something very soft. I think that is something worth noting for everyone - it is super super easy to swap out the foam in the shell. If it compresses, or if you just don't like it. If you find a shell that works well with your chair and for your needs, that is the important part! At least to me.

    After the Matrx Elite I got a Invacare Mx1 back. That one is carbon fiber and has a tiny bit of lateral support. I liked it but I found the lateral support got in the way of my push. I did benefit from the lateral support though.

    I just got a new chair and I am currently using an ADI 10" deep contour back and I love it. I have it set high so there is about a 4 or 5 inch gap between cushion and back. I have a tumor in my back that causes pain with pressure and this avoids that. I also LOVE the deep contour. I get great lateral support (I have a fairly unstable and weak trunk) and it is low profile too and doesn't look like laterals. It holds me in wonderfully and I cannot complain. I am not a huge fan of the foam, but that's just me. I will be swapping it out.

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