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Thread: New chair disappointment

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    New chair disappointment

    Hi, my login name was Sproutbeanie but I have had to change to Sproutbean due to login difficulties with my old email address. I have finally received my quickie helium yesterday, but my feet do not fit on the footplate properly. What can I do to fix this? Only my toes touch it. I pointed this out to the guy who brough the chair and he said oh its to allow for higher heels. I am not satisfied with this. I cannot just sit with my legs slightly back and only touching with my toes. What can I do, I am ?3500 out of pocket. I am so disappointed. Could it be due to the front frame angle? I did not remember which the guy brought on his demo chair, he assured me it was 92 degree but I am not convinced. I am sure my feet were in a more relaxed position, and I reckon the demo chair must have been the 100 degree option. What chances do I have of getting anything sorted to make it fit properly. I was reliant on his measuring that was his part of the job. Also the backrest upholstery is supposed to be airflow, but is made of nylon as far as i can see, is this the correct sort? I did not want alcantera fabric but wanted breathable fabric? I cannot find any pictures of the differing upholstery types for this chair online anywhere.

    On a plus note the spinergy wheels with white spokes look great, I love the marathon tyres with relector on side. I am pleased with the 25" wheels and natural fit rims. The seat cushion (colours) is really comfortable. Oh and the brakes are ok. I just dont know what to do, my legs being comfortable is so important, surely one of the whole points of the chair. When I spoke to him on the phone while sorting part of the order out I did re-iterate that on the demo chair my feet were not flat on the foot plate and hoped he had taken that into account and not just gone on the measurements of the demo chair.

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    There is a calf strap supplied on the chair which I remember mentioning that I would need on his demo chair, but on this new one I would never ever need it because my legs are going to fall off the front not the back. Its strange.

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    Agree, totally unacceptable. In addition, sitting in this chair could develop hip issues for you. I have sensation and in previous chairs like that my hips would begin to ache due to the drag from the foot not being fully supported on the footrest.
    Can the footrest be adjusted higher? If it's at top level some manufacturers offer a "high rise" type of replacement (or it can be ordered on new chair), that might be available for your chair.
    But the dealer MUST resolve this for you even if it involves a replacement chair. Very important stay in communication with them until it's resolved.

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    I always wonder why Quickie doesn't have seat too footrest option.
    Quickie only advice the user to add at least 2 inches to the length of lower leg, and that will be the front seat height.
    But how about those who have extreme short legs?
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    sounds like your seat cushion was not factored into the measurement. i used to rn 2x4 lumber it was treated and water proof it had fancy groves cut into it. my uncle helped me a lot, he treated it then baked it in the convection oven. it was drilled in from the bottom of the foot rest plate

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    Good grief, they measured you didn't they? Make them fix it with the correct parts. Suppose you wanted to use a freewheel sometime in the future with this chair. Could you if you Micky moused it?
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    I agree make then fix it. It was their measurements and apparently they messed up. So they need to fix it

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    Thanks for your support, I am going to ring as soon as they are open today.

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    Man, yet another DME dropping the ball and then making a stupid claim (lie) that the problem is to allow for heels! This person knew there was an issue and sadly made a statement hoping to skate by. If you can post a picture it always helps.
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    I hate the way a they mess up your ridiculously expensive, overpriced, hard to get approved chair that you probably waited years to get, by trying to convince you with some bullshit like, It's to allow for high heels. cmon. that's the dumbest one yet.

    Don't accept that crap. that guy gets paid to measure your ride. holy cow.

    of coarse your pissed and disappointed, who wouldn't be? Im mad for you too.

    Iv watched my friend get bullshitted with the same sort of crud.

    her chair guy gave her someone else's chair that was obviously returned because it wasn't measured right. it was made for a shorter person., and he proly made a tidy profit off his mistake, while she's just unhappy with the thing, and stuck in it. that guy needs a wheelchair shaped enema, and you need what you paid for.
    a wheelchair that fits you perfectly.
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