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Thread: Moving Back into our House

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    Moving Back into our House

    After 10 months of living in a trailer due to a house fire, our house is finally ready. Tomorrow we are moving back in. Yay!
    And while I would have preferred not to have a house fire at all, the renovations are beautiful and the house so more accessible. I will send pictures after moving in.

    Also happy to report that I got my drivers license back after it was revoked for "medical" after a minor accident in October. I was required to jump through the hoops and it was quite humiliating but I did it. Of course the crazy snow this winter has not exactly inspired me to drive all that much by myself but it is a huge boost to my independence and spirit.

    After last year which really sucked for me, life in the new year has been good. The ebb and flow of life.

    Happy Valentines Day everyone.

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    Sounds like you are getting your life back to normal. Good for you. Sorry you had to go through any of it, but you now can go forward into this year with a more accessible home and as soon as the weather cooperates be back on the road again.

    Congratulations on your rise from the ashes.
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