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Thread: Tired of having bowel accident

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    Tired of having bowel accident

    Before I NEVER had any problem. I used to take laxative at 7 pm and have my morning routine (suppository) at 7-10 am M-W-F. Now that I started working I had to switch my bathroom schedule to the evenings. I keep having an accident Im tired of taking time off..please tell me what to do?? I take my laxative at 9 ( I tried diff hour) . Should i just stop the laxative & rely on suppository only?

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    For 33 years I have taken 2 senakot around 1100 AM on Wed and Sun morning and do my bowel program with a fleet bisicoyd enema at 6 or 7 in the evening while drinking a hot mug of hot red tea. I drink plenty of water, eat vegetables and limit carbs, especially potatoes. Don't want to jinx it but I work full time and haven't had a problem in at least 15 years. Before someone criticizes the twice a week issue, senakot issue or something else, it works for me and it produces an acceptable quality of life. I've been a member here for a while and I've seen a lot of threads on this subject and it is the most difficult aspect to master. I want to congratulate you on your job, and your initiative, and I hope you figure this out. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to fit into the workforce and then having to deal with things that are beyond our control.
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    What kind of laxative are you taking and how much? Switching to evenings gives you a full day of moving around/exercise so probably helps speed things up on its own versus going after a night of doing nothing. I'd cut down the amount of laxative or change to a softner only and then the suppository for your program.
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    I could never get the evening thing to work. I know it sucks but you might try just getting up early (I get up at 4:30am) and get your BP done before you go to work.

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    Morning routine has always worked better for me too.

    Enemeez works great! Have not had an accident in over 2 years.
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    sorry about the disruption to your schedule

    It is tough to make the switch from morning to evening. You should take your laxative the same number of hours before the evening bowel program as you did the morning program. The problem may be gas during the day. You should still eat a small meal prior to administering the suppository or mini enema. the gastrocolic reflex will help with that.

    To make the switch to evenings it will take awhile to get your body used to the new schedule.

    The previous suggestions recommend getting up earlier. It is your choice. It is hard to get up that early to get it all done before your work day starts, but it may be worth it to have peace of mind.

    good luck


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    I do the same routine as t8burst every other day.
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