I have been wondering about my thyroid for a few years now. I didn't think it was functioning at optimum level, but every time it was tested it would show lowest 'normal' levels. My thoughts were on the 70 pounds I gained in just less than a year (for no reason). the fact that my skin was dry for the first time in my life (I mean 'fish scales' on my legs and super dry and flaky on my arms), and just a generally run down feeling and cholesterol of 275 ish and triglycerides of 236 ish. For a person who is basically a vegetarian the cholesterol an triglycerides were a shocker. Gah!

I do have to say that the 70 pound weight gain was the worst part for me since I am nearly 60 years old and have weighed the same or less since high school. I have never fluctuated from 120 (5 lbs. +/- ) my whole life. This weight is all in my gut so I look like I'm in the final stages of pregnancy or liver failure. It physically hurts and gives me acid reflux and breathing problems.

I am a walking quad and can get up on the scale. I started taking the medication on the 22nd of January and did nothing different with my diet or activity level. So far 7 pounds have dropped off. Yay! My skin has improved on my legs also. I feel less tired without being wired. I also feel like a little of the brain fog is lifting.