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Thread: Feeling Down Lately.. Maybe Buying New Pet...

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    what a nice big fish tank and really nice plants. the place is nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    If you are going to get a cat or dog, please get a rescue or pound animal. There are lots of animals that need a loving home.


    I have to agree with KLD. These animals are super dedicated and are worth all the trouble. Our two dogs recently had a 4:00 AM intruder up against the wall waiting for the Police to arrive.

    Good luck and enjoy!!!
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    wow, sounds like a story to tell. My dog is sleeping in a crate for now, but I'm looking forward to his being reliable enough to be out.

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    Sounds like you need a mammal. A cat is very little maintenance; a dog is lots of maintenance. I have both but only my dog can pull me in my wheelchair. It is hard to have a down day when your dog puts her head in your lap and looks up with that "isn't it time for a run" look. We go out for runs of 3 to 5 miles. We go out every day or two. I believe it is very therapeutic to train and bond with a dog and get out into the open air. When you have a dog, you also have a purpose. Like I like to say about my dog, "she needs me to take her out, and I need her to take me around - win/win".

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    Oh my gosh! You have a fish aquarium...! I was maybe thinking about doing a fish aquarium. Are they a lot of work? What kind of fish might be cool to get? maybe some pet piranhas ahhaha jk

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    How much work does a fish tank need?

    Can a person walk into an animal shelter and just basically choose a new cat to take home? (sorry if stupid question)
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    If an aquarium interests you, I advise to start small-10gallon or less-and see how out works for you. The outlay and commitment is small. Before doing anything, get on the net and check out some planted tank sites like
    Explore the different levels of complexity and decide where you want to be. I suggest KISS! (keep it simple) My small tank (29g) is very simple. Every 2 weeks I dump in a little FloraPride; every day I feed the fish; I just cleaned the filter for the first time since starting the tank July 2011! I find keeping a tank with growing/live plants as well as fish very soothing and relaxing. I sometimes spend an hour dicking around with my long tweezers and scissors, keeping my garden good. I will see if I can post a picture of rye small one.

    PS: most shelters will vett adopters; they will want to know that you are earnest and able to care for your pet. They may also have an obligatory adoption "donation". And, no, when I adopted (dog), I didn't just walk in! In fact, the driveway was pretty steep and there was a step

    I need coaching with photos! Most times, my iPhone's files are too large and I can't figure out how to make them small. I hoopoe one of the links below will work!


    Phil?s 29g tank

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