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Thread: Be careful what you wish for.....

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    Oh my!

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    I think they woulda been better off with a nice flat ranch house
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    Oh boy, lol. I've seen similar

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    Back in 1972 my girlfriend, a wheelchair user- now my wife, lived in public housing in NYC. Back then there was no legal requirement to make even public housing accessible. There were 2 very shallow steps at entrance and she was using a homemade custom ramp to get up the steps. Once up, she folded the ramp and moved it into the bushes at side of steps. The ramp was chained to the step railing to prevent theft. The housing authority wanted the ramp removed as a possible hazard, my girlfriend wanted the authority to build a real ramp. They responded by letter that they had no obligation to provide anything, the letter was signed by a housing authority official - no less than Eleanor Holmes Norton now a liberal congress person from Wash DC. How times have changed.

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    I wish some of these people had to use a wheel chair, walker, and a cane for about a week at a time. Just to see what it's like to deal with......of course they would know they would be losing the problem, so whether or not they would "get it" would also be a problem. Something like this always reminds me of the facilities available while traveling. We stop at the rest areas and my AB spouse has several steps to the building, while I on the other hand, have to navigate a country mile to reach the building. Who designs these things!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    Did I read that article right? The town provided them the HOUSE, too?!?!?! What's that old saying? "Beggars can't be choosers.", or something...
    Yes, you read it correctly. Council or estates homes are what we call government housing in the US. New private homes in the UK require at least one entrance be at grade. There are few ranch style homes in most of the UK because land costs are so high. But I'd say this should be an incentive to get one of the adults working again.
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    Incredible! I'm so glad I didn't let the people that install ramps for poor people do one for me. In front it would have blocked the sidewalk. (To keep everything in ADA increments and rules.) Plus going straight from the front door to edge of sidewalk would make it way too steep. Then they tried putting a bend in it and it would land me at the edge of the driveway next door. Nope, it would have to land in the middle of the driveway to follow the increment rules. Nobody lived there then, but that didn't last long.

    On to the back door. That worked, but landed me in the middle of the yard AND would block the walkway for the upstairs neighbor. They would have to walk around through deep snow, mud and ruts...not cool! Then they said they could make like a deck to the neighbors door over to the ramp and they could walk down the ramp. That would work, but would have taken up the whole yard. I rent, so landlord would have to OK and she was slow as hell taking care of stuff.

    But to think I could have ended up with something like that , on a smaller scale, is scary as hell

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    The city council gave her a home, provided a ramp (ugly but usable) and now she is demanding a gate. Perhaps her partner Derek can construct a gate and let the tax payers off the hook. Some people would complain if they were hanged with a NEW rope.

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    I agree with you wazabiker I think she should be happy with what has been given to her.

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    I would be thrilled with any way out of here and would block it with some sort of makeshift gate or find somebody to make one for me. I'd also put up signs telling the skateboarders to stay off.

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