The Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Humanitarian City, in collaboration with Miami University, is working toward developing a technology for stem cell transplants on injured spinal cord patients to replace damaged parts. This technology, which is expensive and difficult to perfect, will revolutionize surgeries performed on patients who are paralyzed, he said.
The Humanitarian City plans to host an international conference for spinal cord injuries in March, bin Zarah said, and attributed the focus and attention on spinal cord injuries to the growing prevalence of such cases, stressing that this problem poses significant health, social, and economic burdens on both the patient and their families.
Patients suffering from spinal cord injuries in the Kingdom are mainly found in the age group of 16 to 22, many of them caused by car accidents, work related injuries, or falling off a height.
Bin Zarah said: ?We are optimistic about this program as we have seen significant success during experiments on laboratory animals, when there was perceptible recovery of sensation and movement in the subjects.?