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Thread: Cure? catheter insertion kit

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    Cure? catheter insertion kit

    I have approximately 800 of these ready to be shipped. Make me an offer. I have pics to send if anybody is interested. Kit contains the following?

    Cure? catheter insertion kit
    The Cure? catheter insertion kit includes a nonstaining BZK wipe, one packet of lubricating jelly, one pair of ambidextrous gloves, a collection bag (with or without a universal connector), and an underpad. Available as a case of 100 units.

    Part No.
    K2 Cure, catheter insertion kit with universal connector on the bag
    Today is one day closer to The Cure

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    Today is one day closer to The Cure

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    You may have had more luck selling these kits if you had posted them on Equipment.

    All the best,

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    Items for sale or exchange are only allowed on the Services & Equipment forum, and will be removed from any other forum per site rules.


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