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Thread: Any ideas on how/who to fix a transfer master bed remote

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    Any ideas on how/who to fix a transfer master bed remote

    I have a transfer master bed, which I love, and works great however the remote control has been acting up and they no longer make analog remote controls. So, it's going to cost me $1000 to upgrade the electronics on my bed just to upgrade the electronics on the bed so I can use the digital remote.

    I have a spare remote which works, however a few buttons, mainly the head up and down function, doesn't work and I have no idea if there is a person or company that can help me fix this. does anyone know of a person or company that can fix electronics?

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    Have you opened the battery part and looked at the switches - dip switches? Maybe try resetting those .. otherwise I'd guess it might be a lose circuit board underneath?
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    I think it's a mechanical issue of the switch contacts being either dirty or worn. Any electronics nerd should be able to get it going. You could try posting and looking on craigslist in your area.
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    Have you checked under bed where pendant wire plugs in? This can become dislodged just moving the bed but would probably cause total failure of controls. They are great beds.

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    Thank you so much for all the responses, this carecure community is awesome!

    I contacted the product and design company Corp. and it seems like these guys are going to be able to help me out. Thank you again for all the responses and help, I have been really stressing out about this stupid remote and my bed, I'm sure all of you can relate, is so darn important to me! I will certainly post updates to let you guys know what happens and many thanks again to everyone!

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