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Thread: All I want for Christmas...????????????????

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    pfcs49 ... you're being listed as a guest. What browser are you using? Did you save your username and password?

    ETA: AH...this is interesting. I went into my profile to set post listings to "newest first"...apparently that applies to both the "New Posts" topic listing AND the individual posts within a topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willingtocope View Post
    pfcs49 ... you're being listed as a guest. What browser are you using? Did you save your username and password?
    I have no answer. After the new vB4 came up, it recognized my user-name and password and logged me in. Then I posted and saw I was a guest. I went into my profile page and the only thing there was my DoB.
    An admin? posted that my user file was restored but the only change was that my new (vB4) posts showed in a log. I'm just going to give it time. Yesterday it was stated that today the missing posts (and blogs initiated during vB5?) would be restored today.
    Hopefully everything will get resolved soon, meanwhile I'm sure that Steven and Co are working like crazy to restore, and former (vB4) users are delighted to see that good old functionality returning.

    As a footnote, I haven't been able to search successfully for any of my (vB5) old posts. I was in a conversation "ever install your own hand controls" but am unable to find it. Thanks for your attention. Phil

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    I just logged in but I'm a guest too...

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    All I want for Xmas is a "Report Spam" button

    "God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things, right now i am so far behind i will never die"

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    All i want for xmas is no spam to move

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    One of the best features about this new style is being able once more to collapse the forum sections you do not read. It makes it much easier to navigate without all the forums you are not interested in, and you don't have to scroll through a hundred forums to find the ones you read regularly.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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