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Thread: Replacement foot splint/boot

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    Replacement foot splint/boot

    Hey guys, I'm trying to look for the proper medical term here, but back when I was in rehab I used this boot/splint to prevent drop foot. I stopped using it recently cuz it got kinda smelly. I'm looking for a replacement but I don't even know what to call the damn thing lol If you guys have bought any of these, feel free to post an amazon link or what have you. Thanks! Glad the site is running smoothly too...been a while since I posted on here

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    Actually, boots don't do a lot to prevent foot drop in most people with SCI. Doing daily ROM exercises, standing on a regular basis, and proper footwear and foot positioning in your wheelchair go a lot further in doing this. Boots that claim to prevent foot drop in people with spasticity can actually cause skin breakdown and other problems. A boot that off-loads your heel is a good idea to prevent pressure ulcers there, but not really to prevent foot drop (as is claimed by brands such as Multi Podus and other night splints).


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